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Every fisherman has his own technique of harvesting the fish roe. But the recipe about conservation, only one is effective and handy! So today I ootat for a little "training" on how to racoltează eggs of fish and how should preserve them to reach their destination fresh and whole. Here's our technique, fishermen who love eggs as bait and the flavor place in culinary ...

Autumn is the ideal season to harvest as many fish eggs reached maturity and egg is maturing. And, they say, the more mature the more larger, more showy and tasty cuisine. We opted today to harvest salmon eggs directly on the lake, so that they retain their natural flavor for a longer period of time. Here's what things you should take into account the correct recoltrea eggs directly from the pool:

Knives and Manute - no fisherman should be in the bag. The blade must be very flexible, very sharp blade, so that the fish can be cut easily. CATY of gloves, it is preferable to opt for some of the nitrile latex to be easy to move and to prevent the penetration of odors into the skin.

Fresh water - once cut fish, blood must be removed immediately for not catching egg smell, especially since temperatures are high during this period. Rinse mass (chopper) that you cut the fish, and the fish inside without removing the eggs inside. After making sure that there is no blood, begin removing the eggs.

The blood veins - after removing eggs should be removed and blood veins that are found on them.
Here you have a scissors or a knife blade thin, not to break the eggs. You also need a spoon to collect eggs in small balls (if you want to use later as bait).

Chest freezer with ice - in some places the river is not cold enough and eggs might break if I sit all day.
So, choose a cooler with ghează in which to store their eggs after you put them in airtight bags.

Storage - If you use genuine eggs for dishes to be salted and enter them in concelator for a few days, if the preparation is not in place. The eggs will not change color or taste. However, if you choose to use for bait, anglers often use borax powder, which he applied in a very thin layer over the eggs, and then introduce them to concelator. In this way, there is a 'cluster' well combined, which can easily be used as bait on a hook hanging leger.

If the egg changes color, becoming darker, it means they are good dehydrated and not for any kind of preparation, be it culinary or bait. Usually, in these cases, start to catch and a strong smell, which means that they are damaged and should be discarded.


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