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"Magura 9" is one of the romanian lakes for sport or recreational fishing! Here we experienced fishermen are came very often because the large area and the generous carp catch. It is part of the Valley of war, being located in Calarasi county, 43 km from the capital Bucureşti.Cu although it is quite large, many prefer to spend the weekend here because of the facilities and natural avegetaţiei. How much and what are the requirements that you must fulfill in order to have access to the Lake "Magura 9"?

First, entry is only based on the membership card Magura 9 or subscriber card: gold card. The fisherman has access to the lake with only 4 tools equipped with a single hook and lead or nadit lost. Access to the rod, fishing rods, fishing "Bomb" or two CALIG fishing are strictly prohibited. It can be fished in teams of two and injuring more than four kilograms of fish is charged with 40 or 80 ron, depending on the weight of the fish.
Also catch catch pike, catfish and pike should be issued immediately after catching them, regardless of weight. As for fees, they are charged as follows:

Fishing fee

• From 6-18 (12 h) from Tuesday to Friday and Sunday 60 RON = 12 hours (fishing C & R);
• From 6-18 (12 h) Saturday 80 RON = 12 hours (fishing C & R);
• From 6-6 or 18-18 Tuesday to Sunday 120 lei = 24 h (fishing C & R);
• From 18 to 6 (12 h) from Tuesday to Sunday 100 RON = 12 hours (fishing C & R);
• From 6 am Tuesday through Friday at 18, the second fisherman pays half the above prices for the second pontoon fishing only during the day of 12 hours.
• Sunday 18 pm to 6 am Tuesday, pool is closed for cleaning, cleaning toilets and relaxing pond!

Gold subscriptions allow unlimited fishing during the week, including Sunday night.

• 350 euros (at the exchange rate on the date of the invoice) - paid up to 31.12.2012;
• 400 euros (at the exchange rate on the date of the invoice) - paid up to 31.03.2013;
• 500 euros (at the exchange rate on the date of the invoice) - paid by 01.04.2013;

The rules are clearly specified lake several regulations that once respected, you can bring heavy fines.
Among them are found manelelelor ban, the injuries, the petrecerilro and other activities that may disturb others. Also, are prohibited entry into nearby crops, using more hooks, breaking willows and spreading garbage. If you follow all these, you can be removed immediately and left without fish caught so far.
All these rules are implemented to ensure peaceful fishing and comfort they need during a "session" sport fishing or recreation, as appropriate.


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