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Where to go fishing in the Delta? In high season holidays, pensions are a stunning luxury hotels compete with extra options like mini-vacations a day off Delta! And the vast majority of mini-vacations focuses on hobbies like sailing, fishing and exploration! Most origanizări go with the amateur fishing, where fishing permits tourists benefit form during the day and enjoy a trip in places difficult confort on their own. Of course, the fishing trip is a boat rental and a browsing experience that provides all the necessary guidance for the day without incident in the Danube Delta. Where are you live in that you can go fishing in the Delta?

Certainly experienced fishermen have their own fishing spots, hidden from prying eyes of fans. That does not mean large fishing locations, available to all tourists are rich in catches. Moreover, a fishing trip in the Danube Delta, in areas inhabited by fishermen can bring many benefits. In addition to seizures, enthusiasts can test their skills without fear, and exchange of experiences can be an extremely important factor in obtaining the title of experienced fisherman. So if you opt for a mini-vacation in the Danube Delta, prepare gear and fishing attract your friends. It will be a fun and constructive experience.

The Crisan - is where you can get lucky and species large and small! It's all bait used by the time you start fishing session. Normal sized fish are bream, perch and rudd. If you want to catch more attractive Avant, and sleep in the morning you have to fish catches are approximately one kilogram. Pike can be caught with worm or frog. As for lures, recommended SPUNTA goldfish or spoon.

Mile 23 - is the small fish and the fish spread is smoteiul (nap). It is recommended that you opt for fishing in the Danube Delta in the morning and evening to catch Smöt. The lure of sleeping babies who are attracted rowing and fishing technique is to lead in water curcerii sign.

Fortuna I - roaşioara and perch can be caught in the morning and evening. Their average size is Inter half and one kilogram. To catch carp about two pounds is recommended to use the bomb Metier polenta.

If you are on a vacation hotărţi a few days fishing in the Danube Delta, you can try each of these growing places in turn. The amateur fishermen will be able to form his hand, and with experience comes the preferred site selection and proper fishing technique fuecăruia style. Damn nice vacation and stretched!


Published in: mai 2013
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