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Nautical tourism in Romania is at the beginning of the growth. Even though we enjoy a large river system, dedicated to the development system is almost non-existent! Despite this, there are areas in Romania where people managed by their resurses be characterized by a certain type of activity. If the Romanian seaside tourism is small steps, attracting foreign tourists with facilities and water activities in the Danube Delta is quite different interests.

Tourists are headed towards Delta jet skiing and relaxing boat rides, but goes to great fishing lure! Which is why, in recent years, fishing has become a significant economic activity in the Danube Delta. An area of ​​major importance for this sector of passion, where competitions are held annually and fishing competitions world. But where is the most favorable and prosperous Danube Delta area where fishing is seen as a rising economic activity? Sulina!

Fishing Organizations

One of the arms of the Danube is recognized even by European development potential economic, social and cultural, because of practical work that locals of ancestors: fishing. And confidence comes from the analysis of strengths and weaknesses in the area of ​​the Danube Delta. An analysis demonstrating that Sulina has enormous development potential due to the facilities they offer, but also many gaps that significantly slow the production process. The CIDA these shortcomings, in Sulina formed three specialized fisheries organizations that seek to promote the potential of the area as possible. They are "organized Sulina Fish Producers", "Organization of Fishermen Sulina" and "Organization mullets". These organizations make up a total of just over 200 members and have 200 ships and boats, as the Sulina inform fisheries inspection.

Strengths vs. Weaknesses

For starters, Sulina can boast strong traditions in fishing areas. This is a plus for developers, as local experience in fishing techniques and gear handling highly profitable, while making a catch report. The second, and perhaps the biggest plus, is that the fish has exploitable resources, large areas of water, landscaped pools and a whole infrastructure in aquaculture. Furthermore, the water quality is and all fishermen, aquaculture and processing workers are skilled in the field. As labor is relatively cheap, which is why investors would choose a business finance area.

As for weaknesses, I rely primarily poverty, the lack of fishing equipment needed, the appropriate ports by fishing fleet working degraded and lack of security. I say this because launching ramps are very old and dangerous and landing sites are old and unreliable. Things that do not overlap at all with the standards imposed by the European Union regarding the business in fish. However, fishing is seen as an economic activity as the Sulina economic activity fails to maintain the city even without equipment.

Published in: aprilie 2013
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