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If you're bored, if you fought with your wife or you just want to spend a quiet day outdoors, far from the noisy and restless Bucharest, we recommend you to go fishing. Not at a waterhole since winter is over, but at Moara Vlasiei Lake.

Considered by many fans one of the most relaxing hobby, fishing can come in handy on one of the lakes near Bucharest. Some of the ponds around Bucharest are ready and waiting for amateur and professional fishermen. Plus, many of them have recreational centers, motels, terraces and restaurants.

We have chosen for the first number of Nautica Magazine - Moara Vlasiei 2 and we found out that here lays the Romanian carp's home. The lake's record is a 22 kg carp ( It's not a fisherman's story!), but here are frequently caught carps of 10-20 kg weight. However, fishermen who come here to catch the "monster" have to know that the most common catches range from 3 to 10 kg. Specialist know that next to carp, you can also find catfish, pike and zander. The biggest catfish caught at Moara Vlasiei weighed more than 40 kg, and crucians often get to 1-1.2 kg. The pike, even though is less often caught, reached 8 kg and zander reached 4 kg.

From locals we found out that is a tradition to refill the lake with fish, in the last 5 years 10 tons of romanian carp were introduced annually, without having the pound trawled in the last 9 years. And if you are a true professional you must know that Moara Vlasiei 2 is also known for carp fishing competitions which have a large number of participants and attracts a considerably number of experienced fishermen.

For this area is planned the delimitation of 7-8 fishing stands, designed with wooden pontoons, at the entrance area by the dam. They also plan to keep opened the area by the forest, for 24 hours fishing. The left bank, going up to the forest, will be completely lighted and eco-toilets will be placed.

A little bit about the lake

Moara Vlăsiei 2 is supplied from Cociovaliștei Valley, this is very beneficial for the fish population - they get oxygenated water from the river. The total surface of 28 ha is divided in two, the carp pond which has 17 ha and the wild area which has 11 ha. The total length of the lake is around 2 km. The depth of the water varies between 2 and 4 meters, the bottom is generally muddy and there aren't any submerged trees. The banks are filled with clumps of reeds and rushes. You can get to the water by the paved road on the right bank, this road is maintained in good conditions even when it rains.

Moara Vlasiei 2 Lake is located at the Bucharest's exit through Dascalul village, at 30 km. Fishing starts at 6:00 AM and it ends at 18:00, you can fish all year round. The quantity of fish retained is 6kg. The fisherman can use maximum 4 tools, each equiped with one hook.

The fee for fishing is: 50 RON for 12 hours only by day - catch&release and 100 RON for 24 hours - catch&release. For a fee of 100 RON/12 hours you can keep 5 kg of fish. Fish that weigh more than 5 kg must be released. Is not allowed to fish from a boat. The connoisseurs recommended fishing using boilies and corn baits. This being said, good luck to all!

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Translated by Ana Maria Andronache

Published in: noiembrie 2012
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