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Lake fishing fees Magura 9, 2013

"Magura 9" is one of the romanian lakes for sport or recreational fishing! Here we experienced fishermen are came very often because the large area and the generous carp catch. It is part of the Valley of war, being located in Calarasi county, 43 km from the capital Bucureşti.Cu…
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Fishing places in Danube Delta

Where to go fishing in the Delta? In high season holidays, pensions are a stunning luxury hotels compete with extra options like mini-vacations a day off Delta! And the vast majority of mini-vacations focuses on hobbies like sailing, fishing and exploration! Most origanizări go with…
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Fishing as an economic activity - Sulina

Nautical tourism in Romania is at the beginning of the growth. Even though we enjoy a large river system, dedicated to the development system is almost non-existent! Despite this, there are areas in Romania where people managed by their resurses be characterized by a certain type of activity. If…
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Where we fish near to Bucharest?

Spring has vested, and begin to gather fishermen on the lakes. During favorable fishing is when you can catch big catch species such as carp, crucian carp, catfish, bream, pike and perch fishing technique is one of the most enjoyable: longline fishing smoothly. As bait, experts are turning to worms,…
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Fishing around Bucharest

If you're bored, if you fought with your wife or you just want to spend a quiet day outdoors, far from the noisy and restless Bucharest, we recommend you to go fishing. Not at a waterhole since winter is over, but at Moara Vlasiei Lake. Considered by many fans one of the most relaxing hobby, fishing…
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