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It shines like a diamond, but is dangerous as a shark! The Diamond Piranha is one of the most impressive fish in the world, both in appearance and as a way of life! Yes, you heard right! I'm talking about the dangerous piranha you saw in horror movies! Despite popular belief, piranha consists of many species, with amazing characteristics, but the same qualities (or violent traits) of those seen in movies ( called The Black Piranha). Today I chose to talk about the piranha with diamond scales, also called the diamond piranha!

The Diamond Piranha is similar with the Black Piranha. The only difference is that the body of the Diamond Piranha is covered with diamond scales. That way is called this way! In reality, it's named Serrasalmus rhombeus and is a type of piranha which can be found in many colors. Some are bluish, other are red, some have gold or silver shimmering and don't forget about the diamond ones.

55 cm of carnivorous violence

Are one of the most unique specie due to their exotic look. The Diamond Piranha grows to 40 cm and have the same behavior like the well know Black Piranha. Nevertheless, piranha of 45 cm and even 55 cm were seen, stated South America locals. Compared to common piranhas, a very large number of this specie can be found in public aquariums. Some have 30 cm, others 45 cm. But think twice before buying one! This specie is very aggressive!

Food and captive conditions

Adults and their offspring can be kept in an aquarium of 81x34 cm or even a bigger one. Adults need an aquarium of at least 125x50x50 cm. Adult piranhas are rarely found in captivity. In the aquarium they must have marine plants, wood and swamp stones for shelter.

In captivity it can be fed with fish (fillets, frozen fish and mine living invertebrates), shrimp and other crustaceans and insects. At adulthood they need reptiles and amphibians. In the wild, this specie is known as a extremely dangerous and aggressive carnivorous. They hunt big fishes which they bite until it dies.

Don't keep it at home!

Into the wild, big Diamond Piranhas are not considered dangerous for humans, but it can cause serious injuries. It's said that at adulthood they can sever a man's hand, from the wrist, from two or three bites. This applies to all Piranha species, due to their large dimension and strike force.

Because of their violent behavior, they must be separated from other species. Is not recommended for family aquariums, but rather for public ones. In the wild, the Diamond Piranha can travel in small groups, but generally prefers solitude. Don't make it your pet, especially if you have kids. It's a very dangerous and violent specie.


Author: Gina Rotaru

Translated by Ana Maria Andronache


Published in: noiembrie 2012
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