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Once with the 1st May holiday opened and trout fishing! Experienced fishermen have already polished lines and were decently prepared for spring catches. From bait and to tools and specialized shops are full of offers and mountain rivers begin to agglomerate slowly but surely! While experienced fishermen have already found place for trout fishing, novices take this opportunity for a relaxing outdoor outlet! So what lures and gear for fishing for trout in mountain streams?

For starters, you should know that trout is a species of fish extremely greedy and customary to feed on small fishes, insects and worms. It lives in mountain areas in waters rich in food, and in mountain rivers may reach a kilogram. Trout likes to live in areas with crystalline waters near the shore, near cliffs or large rocks, and accustomed to feed morning and evening. To be successful fishing for trout is advisable to use as bait worms, lures and artificial fly. Note, however, trout likes to "play" with the bait. You definitely know when he caught bait when the bite is strong.

Live bait vs articifiale bait

Depending on the technique of fishing for trout, putreţi artifciciale use live baits or lures. The mountain waters are recommended lures, considered the most beautiful trout fishing. Can be used as live bait grasshopper, fly-by-sheep-bite of nettles. As artificial baits are top fly. The best models are in silver and copper. Also, as best are those of nickel, especially when fishing for trout is carried out by rain. Lures may be used with black and light-colored dots. Exactly what fish like small dtridente color that draws attention kidnapper.

For trout fishing can also be used presses with small oscillating and heavy, the vast majority of fishermen and recommending models P.Killer, Typhoon or Stick. How to launch the presses is similar to the pike fishing: fan-shaped, several times, to cover the whole area. Typically ghost is allowed to fall to the bottom and is raised several times with easy lifting of the wire, which has to be as thin (several recommended maximum size of the clear water 0.18). Stretched wire!

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