Nautica Magazine sails away, English style!

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If Nautica Magazine has been set to sail in local waters only so far, today we got wind in the sails towards international waters! NauticaMagazine is launching for final tests, the English version of the online magazine, becoming one of the few Romanian publications addressing to water lovers all over the world.

As 10% of our readers come from all over Europe, and the Management at NauticaMagazine is American, we thought it wouldn’t hurt and make sense that we don’t let down on our navigation partners overseas and bond in a user friendly language – English!

Thus you will have the opportunity to read in our pages an article translated in English daily, which will be marked by [en]. Following the trial period, the full version will be released for our English speaking readers!

Catch that wave with NauticaMagazine!

Author: Gabriel Ban

Translator: Claudia Naiba

Published in: noiembrie 2012
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