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Calafat-Vidin Bridge opens to traffic at the end of this week! The ceremony will take place Friday, June 14, when the officials will give in use about two kilometers against of fees established by the Romanian and Bulgarian! Thus, starting Friday, the peaple can crossing the new bridge over the Danube between Romania and Bulgaria, at a charge at 6 euros for cars. The ceremony will be attended, among others, Prime Minister Victor Ponta and Commissioner Johannes Hahn.

The construction works of two kilometers of highway at the Calafat-Vidin Bridg were completed last year, but the European Commission has agreed to extend the deadline by one year to allow the two countries to use ISPA, to not increased construction costs. Thus, it was decided that Calafat Vidin be officially inaugurated on 14 June 2013, according The bridge is built with two lanes in each direction road, a railway line, two sidewalks and a trail for cyclists and pedestrians. Pedestrians and cyclists will cross the new bridge for free.

Fees for crossing the Calafat-Vidin

Bridge crossing fees will be the same regardless of the direction from which it flows, and their value was established by the Romanian authorities with the Bulgarian authorities. Car fee will be 6 euro fee for vehicles weighing between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes (with a maximum of 23 seats) will be 12 euros, and the fee for vehicles between 7.5 and 12 tonnes will be 18 euro. Trucks that are over 12 tons with a maximum of three axes will pay 25 euro, while those with four or more axles will pay a fee of 37 euros. The amount was determined by the Ruse-Giurgiu bridge for crossing.

The idea to build a second bridge over the Danube between Romania and Bulgaria was proposed years ago, but the project financing difficulties. Construction was made possible when the European Union agreed to finance the project. The bridge was tested and, according to authorities, the rail link between Romania and Bulgaria Vidin-Calafat bridge can withstand a load of 30 tons. By opening the only way to cross the Danube at Calafat and Vidin ferry service. A service that made racing every two hours, after about 19-20 trucks are loaded.
From Friday, Romanians and Bulgarians can opt for crossing the bridge over the Danube, at a cost lower than a ferry that charges a fee of 92 euros.


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