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Not so long ago Arianna was just a number, 164041 Delta Marine. At the end of march, at the famous Delta Marine shipyard, Arianna was released: the biggest yacht has 50 meters and it's made of composite materials, inspired from Polynesia. What's so special and different at Arianna? The Nautica Team will tell you all the details!

Arianna. 50 meters long, built out of composite materials and fully powered by engines, it's appropiate for a transoceanic trip, it has a spacious interior and a wide deck and it's very safe. The masive interior is 10 meters wide and it has 700 square meters living space. It's the most spacious yacht of such size.

The interior design for such an amazing yacht is a mix of textures and materials, the designers added rare tropical wood: Maccasar ebony and accents of Wenge and Koa. They also used organic textures and materials, leather and natural stone.

Arianna has a grand capitan cabin, a lounge, a dining area, personalized rooms for children, fully equipped gym, a spacious sauna and a private office, accesorized with an antique german vault. All the rooms of the yacht have natural light. Every area is designed to offer you peace and quiet.

Outside, the generous space offers you a dining area and a place to sunbathe. Here you can find comfortable loungers, a jacuzzi and an island bar. Guests can get on the deck by elevator, which connects all the four levels of the yacht.

Technically, Arianna has two Caterpillar 3512B engines, with a speed of 14.5 knots and maximum power of 16 knots. The maximum capacity is 5 000 nautical miles.

The owner of Ariannei, Dovi Frances, co-founder of SG Private Wealth Advisors, will rent the boat as soon as Arianna finishes it's maiden trip.

Until now the manufacturers didn't give us a price, but we can imagine if we look at photos of the luxurious yacht.

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Author: Oana Vasiliu

Translated by Ana Maria Andronache

Published in: noiembrie 2012
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