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Calafat-Vidin Bridge is open!

Calafat-Vidin Bridge opens to traffic at the end of this week! The ceremony will take place Friday, June 14, when the officials will give in use about two kilometers against of fees established by the Romanian and Bulgarian! Thus, starting Friday, the peaple can crossing the new bridge over…
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Arianna, super yacht

Not so long ago Arianna was just a number, 164041 Delta Marine. At the end of march, at the famous Delta Marine shipyard, Arianna was released: the biggest yacht has 50 meters and it's made of composite materials, inspired from Polynesia. What's so special and different at Arianna? The Nautica…
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Nautica Magazine sails away, English style!

If Nautica Magazine has been set to sail in local waters only so far, today we got wind in the sails towards international waters! NauticaMagazine is launching for final tests, the English version of the online magazine, becoming one of the few Romanian publications addressing to water lovers all over…
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