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A casual outfit, a wonderful attitude and craft of handmade who steals your eyes away. Ivan Paitzaichin presented the entire "fleet" to Salon Nautic Bucharest International, and we were among the tourists who flocked to see them closely ... I saw the legendary olympic champion catamaran canoe sitting on his wooden catamaran, in front of its exhibition area and smiling. Ww found him eager to talk about his boat and his project with DC Communication - „National and international movement to encourage ecotourism with rowing boat”, invited us to photograph and look closely the handmade boats.


The „Fleet” of Ivan Patzaichin - national pride!

„All are handmade”, says IVAn Patzaichin proudly, touching the wood who was perfectly finished! „We have a workshop in Tulcea and we prepare to launch a apprentice school! „We want to teach the young people this job” , he continued, with a passion that is felt not only in his voice but also in his eyes. He invited us to his studio in Tulcea, where the all boats are handmade. And I promised that we go. It's a shame to miss such an invitation. Excited, we walk with Ivan Patzachin among all handmade boats exposed to them admire each one: canotca Patzaikin Gold, Patzaikin Light Patzaikin Adventure, tourism canotca 10 +1 and dinghy! All were perfectly finished ... to the smallest detail. Impressive considering that they are all handmade.

„Many tell me that they are afraid to get into the boats. I see fragile, but they are very resilient. For example one there (canotca 10 +1) can carry 11 people to 100 kg plus category. We launched a water last year, "he said us smile. „Catamaran is for family. Look, this is the year boat in Romania”, said the legendary Champion, proud of the beautiful wooden boat that caught the eyes of all the tourists from the distance. And sitting right next catamaran exposed and new canotca ... Venetian style, I would say ...

The star of „tourist dinghy"

"It's a tourist boat”, he said smiling. „We want to promote Romanian tourism and we made a boat. This is for 6-7 persons (wooden bench backrest which is finely carved name „Patzaichin - Tourist boats”) and there is the place for the „gondolier”, he said amused! With this boat romanians and romanian tourists will be able to walk on Delta Dunarii waters and, more recently, on the Lake Techirghiol. Is the champion ambition to bring the romanian peaople closer to nature and water, wirh his boats. Struggling and do one's best to develop this area. And, in our opinion, it succeeds!

With canotca on Dambovita River 2

Thanks to him, this year we can ride againt with canotca on Dambovita River! „The longer organize the event again. We are waiting you there!” And we certainly will be there! Enthusiasm, passion and confidence has convinced us! Convinced us so hard that we could not detach us ... But I'm left with the memory of a champion opened, the image of an unique craft and with the desire to sail with them!

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