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Teaching can be fun! Constanta authorities launched  the first national sailing and yachting simulator for high school students! Do not talk about outdoor activities, at the helm yacht, but a special program implemented on 30 computers for high school classes XI of the National College "Mihai Eminescu" (CNME)! The launch was a success, the young entuziasmându the new "toy" nautical Enables you to combine the teaching of computer game! A practical and smart way to awaken their students desire to acquire as much knowledge of water! Especially because the program allows the user to navigate to any corner of the world wants!

The software is called "Sail Simulator 5" and was given the National College "Mihai Eminescu" (CNME) of Constanta Romanian Nautical Club. Teaching is a simulator used for introducing beginners veliştii yachting world, teaching them basic rules of navigation. High school students will study all functions of launching a yacht tactics will improve the handling of the craft on the water, studying each side of the craft. Furthermore, using software they can see the craft movement every time command and its consequences. "Sail Simulator 5" is ideal for dependable performance athletes as it helps in preparation for major competitions national or international regattas sailing.

Kingdoms virtual

Benefits of the program are as entertaining as it is practical and crucial in yachting at any level. The software has the ability to create virtual identical to natural conditions in the report and sporting craft. He has navigation and commands respect by selling parameters (direction, force) current weight of the athlete, the craft, speed of navigation, salinity, waves, and many other important natural factors in yachting and sailing. The athletes will be able to acquire not only knowledge of the handling of the craft, but also extensive experience in routing and navigation sport competitive. "Sail Simulator 5" is dedicated to both beginners and experienced athletes, it is a good preparation for regattas. We say this because the software provides the ability to compete in virtual kingdoms, allowing you to maneuver the boat depending on the weather.

"Sail Simulator 5"

The software was implemented on 30 calculoatoare of multifunctional computer cabinet from National College "Mihai Eminescu". After testing and acquisition of virtual navigation experience, high school students will pass and the natural navigation. Thus, high school students can test their acquired knowledge and reflexes with more ease navigation. And at the end of the course of sailing, they will be able to support the driving test for motor boats and sailing. A much simpler and more attractive for high school students to learn the secrets of sailing, say experts.


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