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Low prices, light materials, preferably natural, and classic or nonconformist designs! Many enthusiasts changed yachts and motor boats with the green boat. And the trend seems to have gained momentum in the last two months, as kind handmade craft have become among the most popular in the middle. That's because the prices are about the same area ...

The vast majority of sailing enthusiasts and fishermen have turned their attention to small boats without engines! There is a growing interest in the kayaks, canoes, sailing yachts and smaller ones, using as the main form of propulsion wind! Also, the Romanian market is flooded with offers boat in very small boats with engines, for navigation on the river line.

Kayaks and canoes

Kayaks and canoes are among the most popular reasons for being easy to understand. Can be found in materials such as wood, fiber glass or durable plastic, and prices vary depending on size and model from £ 600 to 1,500 euros. In addition, Romanians opted for pneumatic boats and foldable boats that are easily stored, transported and handled even water rivers fast! Reason: low prices, high quality and of course, the possibility that they can take with you on any trip, even rafting.

Bic 245

A style that has dominated Romania in recent years! A small boat, small and large motor and 100% recyclable! Boat is a lightweight easy to carry in the trunk of their car, resistant and extremely balanced. This craft enjoys significant praise from buyers, many are excited showing weight, maneuverability, stability and price ... 2250 lei. We have not tested it, but taking us praise received by the requirement of the market, we reserve the right to consider one of the boats "to glue" in Romanian.

Green Sailing

And the list goes on designs new ecological bringing in Romania nautical market new types of boats without engine or electric motor. It's a sailboat kit, which wants to tear mouth with a fair and flexible configuration for a small fee. At least that project initiators say Green Sailing. The boat is designed with computer numerical cut away and built from environmentally friendly materials using wind as the main form of propulsion. There is also the possibility of adding an electric motor, but all about buyer choice. And if you want to made himself at home, you can do it. Its construction requires no special tools or experience! Just to show some skill ...


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