Celebrating „World Water Day” 2013

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Today is a day of celebration! Is "World Water Day". In each year, on March 22, people around the world celebrate the water in style. A style that expresses its importance in everyone's life, giving children information and examples in this instance means water in their lives, the lives of people and animals and plants all around the globe. It is the day we all have the same goal: to appreciate nature and to put hand to hand to trigger a change! Theme of 2013: "Water and Food Security"!

It is the day when every country trips, outdoor activities and seminars aimed at awareness for waste water resources and the importance of the population. On March 22 has been designated "World Water Day" in 1992 at the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), held in Rio in Brazil. She was celebrated for the first time March 22, 1993, the tradition is continued to this day!

Action program in the Danube Delta

Yesterday, March 21, Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve (ARBDD) with two schools Gymnasiums organized two work programs. Tomorrow, March 23, there will be another action to celebrate "World Water Day at the Center for Information and Documentation of ARBDD of Sulina. An action to be attended by students and teachers in High School "Jean Bart" Sulina. It will feature a program of activities to mark the significance of the event. Zocuri will organize thematic will watch movies and will be an exhibition prepared by the students. These actions aim at highlighting problems and firing a warning! Participants will advocate in the programs organized by state institutions to protect and preserve water quality.

Greening in Bistrita Nasaud!

String action continued Friday, March 22, from Bistrita Nasaud where local authorities with the celebrated "World Water Day" by greening. Fishermen, environmentalists and employees Water Management System Bistrita river Bistrita Nasaud Transylvanian cleaned by the municipality. Greening started early in the morning, at 9:00, the meeting point of people interested in this action is set at the SGA Maharashtra. Tomorrow, on March 24, employees of the institution Bistrita-Nasaud SGA will continue greening action Budac and Sieu river banks.


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