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National Premiere: sailing simulator

Teaching can be fun! Constanta authorities launched  the first national sailing and yachting simulator for high school students! Do not talk about outdoor activities, at the helm yacht, but a special program implemented on 30 computers for high school classes XI of the National College…
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Celebrating „World Water Day” 2013

Today is a day of celebration! Is "World Water Day". In each year, on March 22, people around the world celebrate the water in style. A style that expresses its importance in everyone's life, giving children information and examples in this instance means water in their lives, the lives…
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Green navigation like trend in 2013!

Low prices, light materials, preferably natural, and classic or nonconformist designs! Many enthusiasts changed yachts and motor boats with the green boat. And the trend seems to have gained momentum in the last two months, as kind handmade craft have become among the most popular in the middle. That's…
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