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Bucharest Tourism Fair ended, but the agencies still give offers! Dozens of agencies have opened bids only on the market for summer-autumn season 2013, and buyers seem to be enough. At least judging by the number who flocked to Bucharest Tourism Fair ... from among thousands! Most are the type of early booking offers, but the agencies websites still have some discounts even 50%, depending on the desired destination! What are they and how much?


The largest and many deals are in Bulgaria, Greece and Turrcia! But no offers for cruises are not ignored! If last year about his prices on the Romanian băgau scarecrow this year ... the stands agencies specialized in Bucharest Tourism Fair 2013, it did little tail. Not necessarily for purchase, how curious! Not the other, but manufacturers announced price stays cruises to bus trips to Greece or Bulgaria tourism. Tempting, is not it?

Stays of 7 days, from 130 euros!

It's not a joke, but even agencies seem to have left prices down! Of course, not stay in high season, but for now purchased vacations for the months of autumn! But what does it matter as long as the weather is nice? One of the offers that you can take away market is removed on Hello Holidays! Lefkada Holidays and circuits in Prague with prices starting from 111 euros. Here find island of Thassos, Halkidiki and Olympus Riviera, at 98 euros each transport incus! Prices are 50% off until the end of March.

In Romania, the prices seem so small, all with discounts of 50%. Prices Romanian seaside stay for 6 days in Mamaia start at about 80 euros and increase the number of stars and amenities you want. You can stay in a 4 star hotel with 100 euros, for a period of 6 days. Saddle Eforie North picuţ prices are a larger number of them from 90 euros for 6 days stay. In any case, there is a decrease of 30% over the previous year.

As for Delta, it offers accommodation prices of 50 USD per night for a double room with private bathroom. But prices can exceed 300 lei per night even if you choose to stay at a luxury resort, we built or at one of the hotels all inclusive. In addition to these offerings related to the end of March, travel agencies out promotional packages for May 1st, Easter, Pentecost and SF. Maria. But remember, the more you purchase early May, the bids are higher! Who knows, maybe you're lucky and buy tickets up to 70% cheaper ...  

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