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Constitution Square was transformed into a luxury exhibition area! Today started the most awaited event of the year: "Romanian Boat Show" 2013. Dozens of yachts are carefully aligned in the middle of the exhibition, while all around them are found demanding craft from renowned companies. We were among the first visitors who stepped into the lap of luxury, and our eyes were still fixed on the famous entrance of Ivan Patzaichin catamarac! An impressive model that impossible not to want it!

There was no fuss and no crowds. In the early morning still arrange their craft exhibitors. Every company has a wide suite and cleanliness of the morning was in full swing for a reception the book of visitors. Among the brands that I see with ease since the input is Mc Gregor (yes, you see right), Quicksilver, and it holds a special place set Princess Boat Division. A space where you can admire the three types of boats: boat, speed boats and a splendid skijet. The deep coolest exhibition area, varied models and designs of many of them managed to captivate your attention.

Day I - day of gloss

Impatience has made us to ajungema there in the early morning, when, unfortunately, the exhibitors were not prepared whereas if everything vizitatori. Chiar announced that the event officially begins on June 22 at ten o'clock some craft were assembled were luctruite and prices tituror missing. Obviously, the day is a day I shine! All representatives that I saw were people with rags on hand to craft polished jor exposed. They say, do not expect anyone to visit on the first day and the early hours of the morning hours.

I gave the wheel and came to Ivan Patzaichin Stents, where the catamaran was already polished and displayed with great pride. A jewel craft that I can not resist hand. Even to feel the luxury finishes ... Representative from that stamp assured us that at times we have canotca exposed afternoon and Ivan Patzaichin will be present on the day! Which is why we will continue visiting with optimism, until we manage to get an interview ...

Tent with sports equipment

At the end of the exhibition sees a sizable tent, in which professional watersports equipment. From clothing and neoprene suits, jackets, shirts and trousers to shield or surfboards and wekboard, all were in full layout!
So if you are tempted to go to the exhibition "Romanian Boat Show 2013 'you can do it in the afternoon or in the morning until the time desired. Not the other, but until then companies will have time to expose all existing products and offerings. We came back excited because optimistic atmosphere and sense of presence provided impunătoatre luxury craft. Which is why we'll be there tomorrow!

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