Premiere at Bucharest Tourism Fair 2013 (photo)

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Elegant outfits, exotic destinations, mediterranean cruises, discounts up to 90% and ... stays from 1 euro! So they held the first day of Bucharest Tourism Fair 2013, who attracted more than 3,000 visitors ... A true madness, which left millions of smiles! Producing travel agencies, tour and cruise operators have competed in early booking offers in catalogs more or less attractive and, of course, sales. With it came new Bucharest Tourism Fair in 2013?

Open minded to romanian tourism, cruise holidays, exotic destinations, scuba diving packages, software for travel agencies and ... prices who takes your breath away! We say this because one of the big agencies on the Romanian market sold several holidays in Turkey ... at 1 euro each! As expected, the demand has evaporated since the early hours ... However, there were no complaints, the tourists were excited to the entire agencies offers in this year!

Open market cruises in the Mediterranean!

If last year's cruise offerings were not very many, today, over 40% of reseller agencies in Romania offers cruise vacations packages! And the vast majority of destinations are in the Mediterranean! Almost every stand showed that provides low-cost all inclusive holidays to destinations known novels such as Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, and that it offers cruises in exotic destinations with itineraries for 8 or 10 days in comfort at prices ranging between 240 euros and 1,300 euros exceed, depending on your destination and facilities. And if you buy on the spot, and enjoying attractive discounts, which vary from agency to agency!

Bulgaria, the top seller

All flowed from all sides, but Romanians tended to holidays in Bulgaria this year. At least it told us a few agencies in Romania owners, who have just done the demands of tourists for Bulgaria holidays! True, prices have fallen from last year to some agents and the others remained in position, but increased facilities. For example, some agencies are priced 15 euros / person at a 3-star hotel in Bulgaria, in high season. Of course, they are part of early booking offers 30% discount, which you can enjoy either by the end Bucharest Tourism Fair, or until the end of March

Premiere: Scuba Diving courses and trips

Going from stand to stand, I gave over a scuba diving school in Bucharest. Rather, a few practitioners, from which I was able to get some pretty interesting information. For starters, I found most of the travel agencies in Romania organizes weekly departures from Bucharest to the Black Sea, Greece, Turica or other destinations that tourists preferred, depending on the number of people seeking that destination. Each trip is guided and assisted by a professional "master scuba" who knows the perfect place for scuba diving "as in hand". A well-known world public, that we promise that we will show step by step. Not the other, but soon we will have interviews with practitioners not only fans, but also information directly from the "source" producing agencies.

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