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Clearly, in March, started the most important fairs of the year: Bucharest Tourism Fair and Expo Adventure 2013 - Fisheries and hunting! And as both fall under our interest and yours, of course I could not miss any! So we went with very little to see offers top producers and what's new on the market in fishing and hunting! What I found?


Agitation as the eye can see! On the first day of the exhibition gathered hundreds of people ready to ... purchase! Yes, if the vast majority of trade many prefer to admire, the Exo Adventures 2013 sales were felt from day one. And no wonder! Hundreds of rods, hooks and bait million which more or less attractive eyes took visitors from the entrance! And if you're passionate about campping and hunting impossible not to crowd the exhibition tents, low price and collections of knives, which shone in the window exhibitors ...

Shopping from barbecues, small and beer

Even though it was cold cracked stones in front of People will still feel good on trotoarele side-tracked. Event organizers have made sure that visitors feel good, giving them a barbecue area, right in the middle of the fair. We stopped and we look astonished the good will of the people, who happily sat at tables, discussing new acquisitions of rods, lures or equipment mountain! Going enthusiastic crowds fair itself and feels as first steps! The vast majority went to stand with rods, bait buckets, fishing chairs with many other specialized equipment. Prices ... with tempting offers. Posters everywhere glimpse 2 +1 free, 40% discount on any product or 12 ron (the bait).

GPS, sonar model boats and ... splashing

In the middle I saw a booth fair few fishing boats pleumatice and ... a pool filled with water, the exhibitor was playing with some novomodele sonar. All promotions and offers 3 +1 free! A little further, we enter the world of hunting! Hunting knives of all sizes, with handles of wood or marble, highly resistant, with prices ranging between 50 ron and 600 ron depending on the model. Do not miss Penknifes Victorinox brand or Leatherman brand models that are exposed to the stand in shop windows.

Rods, reels, tents - Price

What can you find at Expo 2013 adventures quite affordable prices? We made a selection of mid-priced products for every type of buyer! But if you are passionate, you should also give you a round! Not the other, but might be tempted and accessories a little more expensive, but much lower than the prices in stores. I found reels from 30 to 200 ron, rods priced between 70-400 ron, equipment, bags and boat plenumatice Energofish mark, storage boxes priced between 25 -60 ron, hooks (around 10 ron small - 30 large), serum Bac to 59 ron, juvelnicuri (around 50-70 ron) and tents (between 650 ron and 1120 ron). What do you say, is it worth it?  

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