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One of the most anticipated events of the year 2013 sea is approaching : Romanian Boat Show! An event will be held in the Constitution Square and ambarcaţiunille will bring together dozens of manufacturers and products on the Romanian market! Will be presented elegant yachts, fishing boats, yachts and sports equipment quality that conveys elegance and spirit of the Romanian maritime adventurer! And if in 2012 you find one exception, this year organizers have prepared us some surprises, tutor to not only passionate but also curious!

Between 22 and 26, the middle of Constitution Square will become craft lovers paradise! Luxury and elegance are the key words of the event, and manufacturers will take care to make discounts for loyal customers. Bystanders will see during this period all boats: yachts, inflatable boats, motor boats, manufactured boats, canoes, engines, airborne equipment, fishing equipment, diving equipment, offers water sports (windsurfing, water skiing, wakeboarding etc.) and more. There will be no travel agencies that will attract customers with promotional packages trips cruises at sea or river.

Model Boats

Romanian Boat Show 2013 will take offers for craft enthusiasts who do not have accounts tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars! The site will be exposed cadrulshow model boats of all types. Producers will come before the public with handmade model ships, model boats and the craft made after istoriece models. Each will set the price, it can be negotiated depending on the acquisition or number of purchases! It will be admin handcrafted wooden model ships, model boats, aluminum or other durable materials that manufacturers can highlight finesse and imagination.

Used Boats

Besides yachts tens of thousands of dollars, just out of shipyards, Romanian Boat Show 2013 will showcase and used boats deals. Well maintained boats, whose prices come to be and 50% lower than the new models in stores. Offers similar to those that could be seen at the fair in March 2013: Bucharest International Boat Show!

Specialized firms

Some specialist companies will be present at the Romanian Boat Show at the end of May are found Brenderup, American Nautics, Blue Marine Yachts, Beta Marine, Cirsu Plast, Boat and Yacht Service, DNUPS Team, Directed Electronics, Jet Boarder, NauticLife, HighSports, Rowmania, SailMarine, ShopeXtrem, XtremeVideo and many others! Therefore, we expect everyone to the event, because we, the Nautica Magazine, we will be present there!



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