Boat Show Bucharest 2013, the final (photo)

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The long awaited event "Boat Show Bucharest 2013" has ended! What he left behind? The image of dozens of boats and hundreds of other products, just appeared on the market in Romania. From casual and elegant shoes, diving suits and navigation systems to boat of tens of thousands of dollars ... Travel agencies or big names like Ivan Iatzaichin was present too! It was crazy, that combined modern luxury with quality handmade products!

Visitors received discounts even 40%, and craft market seems to have felt a slight increase in popularity! At least that say the vast majority of exhibitors, despite the fact that sales were somewhat less than in 2012! True and visitor numbers were lower. According to organizers, around 5,000 people have stepped into the room Romaero, within 5 days of exhibition. Withj 1,000 fewer than last year!

Optimism for 2014

However, optimism is not missing! Some exhibitors, such as those in O Quiros were satisfied with the sales and feedback given by visitors. According to Simona Cazacu, manager of the company, the price of a pair of shoes costs around £ 1,200. And in the exhibition have sold several pairs! What encouraged to open a store in Romania! Also from Bucharest Boat Show has free shipping famous brand clothing Lexonn, the only sole distributor in Romania.

Visitors flocked to the booth mark Navron with navigation systems and to the iStyle, who presented the latest Apple products: from accesories to navigation systems. A high tech craziness that has attracted a lot of fans! As boats, the visitors were attracted to Capelli, Jeanneau boats and canoes famous handmade of Patzaichin Ivan, who had a first this year: Dinghy tourists. A wonder of handmade craft, which is run like a gondola! It was a successful event, saying most of the organizers, who expect even more visitors in 2014! Reason: this year, the media seems to have given more interest, curiosity people truly passionate about sailing!


Gina Rotaru

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