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Okay, finally began the most awaited Shipping event of the year: Bucharest International Boat Show 2013! An event that we could not miss, especially since it is one of the few times of the year that manufacturers, dealers and personalities from the water gather together to present their latest proiduse or courses. So I cheerfully went to the event and i have documented in detail to realize which way the market goes in 2013! What have we learned?

We craft new quality ski jets with more horsepower, wakeboard and surf boards cutting-edge clothing, footwear, specialty cruises, new routes and ... More offers to take you eyes! From jackets to small boats and yachts, 2013 Bucharest International Boat Show has it all! We could not help it and we strolled along at all the stands to see each offer!

Between the plane and the yacht!

Even if you want to or not, on the road to the exhibition enthusiasm strikes you! Dozens of planes are lined up next to the alley leading to the exhibition ... An image that inevitably makes you think of the grandeur and luxury. From entering the room, which hosts Bucharest International Boat Show 2013, pounding the red carpet, which guides you on the main alley. An alley along which they find all exhibitors willing to provide guidance, details and advice regarding the purchase of their products!

In the middle: the most expensive existing boats of Bucharest International Boat Show 2013! A beautiful picture "hits" you since the input! And speaking of prices, the most expensive exhibit this year is a yacht worth about 75,000 euros! It can be seen from the entrance, and around it are exposed luxury items, including two cars! One of them ... a splendid black Maserati with cream leather interior! We can not say that the car was the main attraction of the first day of exhibition, but it certainly was admired by all visitors!

Bucharest International Boat Show 2013

This is the 5th edition of the Bucharest International Boat Show and the number of visitors seems to grow slowly, but surely, from one year to another. The event started yesterday and will last until Sunday, and in addition to visitors and potential buyers, the event also collected media people, not necessarily of the water, interested in new exhibits. Sign that the exhibition began to be a major point of interest, which makes us think that the market vessels and watercraft accessories in Romania begins to take shape, by including not only some loyal customers, but all the media attention. So if you have time and pleasure, do not miss this year's exhibition! But if time does not allow you, don't worry! We will be watching it and we'll report back the most interesting and "hot" information!

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