Aquatic equipment at "Romanian Boat Show" 2013 (photo)

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The much awaited event "Romanian Boat Show" in 2013 opened its doors saturday in Constitution Square. In addition to large and small boats in the exhibition are summer water sports equipment. Since neoprene suits and surfboards to exhibitors offer visitors new, high quality at low prices! Nautical equipment are exposed inside a tent in the exhibition area for the event.

Big brands like Yacht & Boat Service, Luggage boats, Shop Extreme LZ Yachting, Blue Marine Yachts, Moto Craft, Rawmania, PM Sport, American Nautics or Unicomp announced their arrival at the event. Among the accessories on display wakeboard enthusiasts glimpse bracelets, keychains surfboards, caps and sun hats. As for equipment, there are boards wakeboard, surf boards, pneumatic boats, life jackets and blouses paltaloni the beach, and the list includes almost everything needed for a sea trip, regardless of the activity you want to place.


In the exhibition there are many neoprene suits, almost all sizes and models more or less attractive.
From shorts to neoprene and neoprene cap, enthusiasts can choose from dozens of styles and colors.
Besides these there are also models of surfboards that color to match the newly acquired outfit possible!
As for prices, I will let you decide whether or not spicy!

A lifejacket for children costs around 280 ron, a pair of adidaţş Lizard can be purchased for 270 ron, a shirt male beach-sleeved month is around 150 ron and a pair of men's beach pants are around 200 ron, depending on the model, cut and brand, of course. Also in the tent with water equipment, and motor oils are seafarers, craft accessories, craft cleaning products, paints and professional tools needed to care for a different craft. If you have not reached before the event, here are some images of products displayed, to make an idea.

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