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Finally, it was opened in the capital! Not only Constanta enjoy an special aquarium fish species! A large aquarium has been held in the capital Herăstrău Park, becoming the top attractions for kids! In the midst of natural vegetation Herăstrău Park, near swings, amusement parks, children playgrounds and recreation, and has crept Reef Aquarium. One of the largest aquariums in Bucharest, which is divided into two sections in marine animals and coral reefs!

Herăstrău Aquarium is divided into two different themed pavilions. Tourists can enjoy the nearby sharks, angel fish, butterfly fish, coral reefs and many other marine wonders in tens or hundreds of colors. That's because the tank wholly owned no less than 300 species of multicolored fish, corals and 100 species of invertebrates and over 100 species of marine plants small and large sizes. Aquarium is not far from the entrance to Charles de Gaulle! The two pavilions were arranged exactly where pavilions former species of flowers just outside staircase leading to Lake Herăstrău! Once at the entrance to Charles de Gaulle, the main driveway go straight forward and is impossible to miss!

Sharks at millimeter

Enthusiasm hits you from the entrance, and your heart leaps when you shark eyes! Special species that have been made especially for tourists passionate admiration of marine animals. Can you look closely without fear of being bitten. Aquariums are very solid and marine animals do not seem violent. At the same flag, along with sharks, you can admire the beauty and uniqueness of over 300 species of fish, which I more or less colored. And when passion takes you to school children reef and marine plants, the aquarium has a special section only exhibits your attention right from the entrance. That's because you hit the multitude of striking colors in crystal clear water. It is a pleasant and relaxing experience to be enjoyed repeatedly not only children but also parents or grandparents.

Entrance fees

As for prices, we have the same praise as the design and layout. I'm pretty steep for the average wage. Adults pay 10 ron and for children over the age of three years, the price is 8 ron. Children under three are free entry, and students, students and pensioners have to shell out the same amount required and children four or five years: 8 euro. The aquarium is open to the public daily from 10.00-18.00 and from June 1 will be nonstop.


Published in: mai 2013
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