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Start intense workouts and get ready to compete with Ivan Patzaichin! It organizes the "International Festival rowboat" 2013! The third edition will be held from August 30 to September 1, and the event will take place famous Delta Rowmania competition Triathlon.O competition where participants will compete in the individual and team swimming, cycling and running. Are you tempted by such a fun competitive? And once there, you can enjoy not only competition but also the beauty of water to enter the autumn season. Danube waterways are open to St. George and Lake Fungus great views at the time of the year.

Rowmania Delta Triathlon

Swimming, walking and running! They are evidence that the participants will have to go through the Delta Triathlon Rowmania of Rowmania Fest 2013 edition! The event will be held in Tulcea, Sunday, Sept. 1, 2013, the International Festival rowboat (August 30-September 1). An event that has reached the third edicts, and gather every year tens and even hundreds of participants eager to desopere waters and competitive sport Romanian lands.

The competition will participate and Ivan Patzaichin, showing excited to paddle in canotca, with friends and nature lovers. "I miss competitions and contests, never get tired of them. And when I can not participate in the official organizing my own competitions., And I invite your friends. The more complex the better; the more, the more exciting. So I invite you to compete in running, cycling and swimming to triathlon from Tulcea. then, if you still have breath, come to swim together in canotcă, Lake fungus, or explore by wisdom Danube to St. George, and I promise that I will not get angry if I compete, although I do not see how it could happen ... "said Ivan Patzaichin for

Entries to the competition can be made and participation costs vary between £ 50-100 depending on the category to which participants and to bar family fee ranges from 150-800 USD and includes an overnight stay at a 4 * hotel and a catamaran ride on the Danube, for each person. So see which one suits you and start training. Not the other, but will compete alongside Ivan Patzaichin.


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