First romanian nautical competition of the year, Callatis Trophy 2012

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The end of april animates the Black Sea at Mangalia Harbour with lots of sailing ships. Why? Because on the internet travels the following race ad: boat race enthusiasts, between 18-22 april 2012 we expect you at Mangalia Harbour for the first competition of this year in Romania.

The competition is open to boats for classes Optimist, 470, Laser 4.7, Laser STD and Laser RDL, in english, a competition for juniors and seniors as follows:


+ Optimist (boys and/or girls) juniors - for competitor born after 01.01.1997.

+ Optimist (boys and/or girls) juniors - for competitor born after 01.01.2000.

+ 470 open seniors - unlimited.

+ 470 open juniors - for competitor born after 01.01.1991.

+ Laser STD and/or RDL seniors - nelimitat.

+ Laser STD and/or RDL juniors - for competitor born after 01.01.1993.

+ Laser 4.7 juniors - for competitor born after 01.01.1995.

Maybe the most important thing when subscribing to Callatis Trophy is the approval certificate/ measurement of the boat, available for 2012 and the identity card or the birth certificate of the participant.

If you remember which is the class you belong, in order to participate in this contest and what documents are required for registration, you should also know that a boat entered in the competition can't represent two or more clubs.

Registration is made by a delegate or a representative of a sports organization affiliated to Romanian Federation of Yachting. Last but not least, the skipper or otherwise known the captain, will need to present the helmsman patent, valid for the period of the competition.

The competition is organized by the Romanian Federation of Yachting in cooperation with Bucharest Yacht Club, with the support of Mangalia City Hall and Mangalia Touristic Harbour.

In the next issue of Nautica Magazine we'll come back with new details about the race. Until then, we wish the competitors smooth sail!

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Author: Oana Vasiliu

Translated by Ana Maria Andronache



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