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Big event in the Delta! Between 31 May  to 1st June  occurs Delta Rally, the third round of the Dunlop National Rally Championship! A crazy race on the banks of the Danube Delta, which will attract dozens of participants and hundreds of curious! This rally is for the competitive calendar in Romania after a break of more than 20 years! Which is why this weekend, we do not give a boat, but test rally on the banks of the Danube Delta!

Delta Rally - a new challenge! So organizers call that overflowing of emotion, especially that by the start of the competition are four days. And the big news of 2013 is that we have a first gravel rally! Delta Rally will take place from 31 May to 2 June for a total distance of 463.8 km of which 109.8 km represented ranking the 10 special stages. Talk about Tulcea county forest roads and forest districts the Babadag, Cerna and Niculiţel.
It will be a four-wheel madness, which heats the atmosphere by motor speed and competitive excitement that will bring together hundreds of visitors curious to see the whole show!

Restrictions on movement

To no incidents with local organizers restrict competition during some searc access to the Competition.
These are:

1. Isaccei Street will be closed to traffic roundabout Pelican and dies and will divert Victoria Street, Lake Street Mushrooms and Dumitru Ivanov Str Ing by a crew consisting of two workers Traffic Police;

2. Babadag Street (Roundabout Theatre Jean Bart) will close and will divert traffic detours (ie str Dobrogeanu Gherea) Annunciation Street, on 31.05.2013 and 06.01.2013 16.00 - 20.30 by a
Traffic Police crew consists of two workers;

3. Peace Street intersection with Babadag Street, will be closed and traffic will be directed Peace Street Street Street Dobrogeanu Gherea and Mahmudiei by a traffic police crew consists of two workers;

4. St. Gregory St. Antipas and Glory (roundabout intersection "Delta") will close traffic on those streets and will divert Balcescu Street, Street May 9 by a crew consisting of two traffic police lucrători.SS
10 Superspeciala Tulcea (1.9 km)

5. Parking at the House of Trade Unions, str Isaccei SPRCIV
Hotel Delta Egret Hotel, Hotel Select, gleaned Babadag Street and Union Street will be provided and issued timely deautovehicule the care of the local police Tulcea Mayoralty.


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