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The summer fun strats! For the first time in Romania, is organized Aqua Fest Bucharest! A festival dedicated to the International Year of Water Cooperation in the Field. Thus, from May 9 to June 9, 2013, in Bucharest Bucharest residents and tourists who will enjoy a range of outdoor activities, highlighting the importance and beauty of the water! Event organizers have framed this festival a series of numerous events dedicated to water, such stories are found outdoors, water tourism, fishing and ecological actions! It will be a unique event, which are expected as many Bucharest and nature lovers!

Over a month's festival "Aqua Fest Bucharest" will hold special events aquatic recreational areas such as aqua parks, pools and rivers. Also, participants will be allowed in sport fishing competitions and ecological actions of lakes in Bucharest. Greening will participate in the actions of hundreds of students, ready to demonstrate leadership in the greening of the Bucharest inhabitants! Moreover, the authorities hope that the event to attend as many volunteers to take to catch contun and become an annual tradition in Romania, abroad. As ecological lessons, symposia organizers prepared on water. It will be an exciting time, full of information and fun activities ... on water!

Bucharest Tourism Water

Aqua Fest 2013 brings not only cooler Bucharest, Bucharest people walking and splashing, but also stories and traditions relating to wells and springs lakes capital. And all these issues are based gladly unro ongoing projects for aquatic tourism Bucharest. The events of the festival Aqua Fest - 2013 is the main organizer strategic thinking promoted by, and in collaboration with the Municipality of Bucharest, Administration Lakes. Parks. Recreation - Bucharest School Inspectorate of Bucharest, urban transport, Youth and Sports Department of Bucharest, Italian Cultural Institute "Vito Grasso" Turkish Cultural Institute "Yunus Imre" D'Avent Association, Association of Students of the University of Bucharest, the Council Municipal Students in the capital Bucharest and other organizations.

Aqua Fest Bucharest 2013 is a special event and attractive, which will bring to the attention of people everywhere Bucharest and through actions and public opinion, the value of water in human life, the ecological and cultural significance and its use as a medium of entertaiment. And in this sector will be able to see and test fitting aquatic recreational spaces in different areas of the city: the parks with lakes, to the mini aqua parks. The event was inaugurated in early 2013 at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris by the United Nations as the "International Year of Water Cooperation in the field." The organization's dealt Connections Association in collaboration with the Youth Center of the Metropolitan Library of Bucharest and a number of institutions and organizations in the capital. We will be there! You?

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