In April, we launch in the water!

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Sea, sun, walking on the sea ... Such as the sun gave us minds to holidays fun romp on the beach, splash water and water toys with many horsepower! Reason, in April, we launch the water! It is the month in which Renaissance flourished, smile and get ready for the biggest nautical adventure yet. No big words, but we're going to go out on the surface with large projects that will bring together manufacturers beginners, and experienced, meant to make the summer months more vibrant, more exciting and more fun! That's because in April we want exclusivity!

Start with adrenaline go through experiences on cruises, satisfy our curiosity with construction craft professionals, discover the latest gadgets and accessories, then give a round the puddles in Romania and abroad to enjoy shots for everyone. We speak with experts in each field of maritime and we walk with the hottest water toys! How about you tempt such excapadă? If yes, surprises continue! Our readers will share and a fresh new series SynergEtica Contests that will reward loyalty, passion and involvement in our prtopiectele. Projects for you, hoping to refresh your spirit of adventure and desire to navigation numb during the winter!

A month with exclusivity!

And because we want exclusivity, we do things by the book! We will come with exclusive interviews of water professionals and builders, manufacturers, dealers, beginners or experienced athletes and, why not, owners of boats. Thus, we can learn about the procurement procedures of a craft, maintenance costs, needs and use it directly from owners! And, in addition to this information, we take care to keep you up to date with all offers producers, emerging technology, accessories and vacations top edge! In short, all in one to make your search much easier! And because all the warm welcome we are going cruises!

We gaze up at the cruise holidays, their itineraries, prices and facilities of each one! It's the month when we enjoy the sea, sun and fun nautical! On top of that, we start a series of contests SynergEtica two in which you our loyal readers, can enjoy substantial prizes as usual and I last month. So stay tuned and enjoy spring with us, Team Nautica stores! It will be a month full of events, trips offshore and exclusive articles, which is a shame to miss. Wind aft of the Nautica Magazine!


Published in: aprilie 2013
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