Up sails! In May, the spring wind blows!

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Sea, sun, sand, romantic walks ... I went in May, the month with traditional spiritual and historical significance.
Luna sea travel, romance and freshness month when holiday plans and peace of mind come in all homes, including ours! A month emerald you lift ahoy! That's because, in May, the spring wind blows! Travel season begins, there is a deep desire holiday you dream of exotic destinations on Mediterranean dishes at the precious things in fresh ocean air!

It is the month of the year when we rush to travel on the emerald water, leaving all the worries aside and sipping entirely the sense of freedom of the sea! In May, let the wind to direct the sails and head to the most fascinating destinations with spiritual and emerald waters. We visit Greece underwater, we will make a stop on the turquoise waters of the Caribbean and we'll get drunk with fragrance in the world's oceans International Regatta sailing yacht! Launched the largest competition of fun and we start the adrenaline! That's because, in May, the wind and spring freshness push us down sailboats offering thrills and freedom from extreme sports!

A sea of ​​emerald!

Scuba diving season begins and water emerge unique jewelry! The whole month we îndeletnicii the precious things in the world emerald ocean! We admire the beauty of natural pearls, we study their exploration and visit lakes, springs and emerald islands. Our attention to craft vintage, handmade and organic world will attend events designed to make life more beautiful! It will be a month full of events for all tastes water, where you can participate with us, Nautica Magazine team! And that's not all! Besides this, we prepare and spring surprises in Syergetic style, as you already know from the beginning!

Join us for fun in the Capital Yacht through exhibitions, events of the festival "Aqua Fest Bucharest 2013 'and more information of ranges in your areas of interest, with a passion for great seafarers and boat vintage, modern and quality! We continue the series with practical information on maintaining boats, while giving you comprehensive information on new appearances and craft, design trend in waterskiing, fishing tips and hottest deals of the day in about offers holiday cruises. That in May, the wind can spring open sea world for holidays and moments full of relaxation!

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