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Agitation large at the opening of "Romanian Boat Show" in 2013! Dozens of boats companies have announced their partnership with this event and the models presented in Constitution Square boasted not only the design, but also recently implemented the latest technology! As expected, the event prtezintă luxury and high quality in all their glory! From yachts up to accessories and water toys, all make their presence felt in this year's exhibition "Romanian Boat Show" 2013. What yachts are on display in Constitution Square?

A small inspeciţie some great photos and important finding! In Romania 2013 in high fashion are small yachts and speed boats! We do not know if the crisis or preferences enthusiasts, but the exhibition "Romanian Boat Show" prevailing small yachts! Among the companies that have folded on the requirements and perhaps most budget customers are found producing companies precuum QuickSilver, Bayliner and StarFisher!
Once you round the exhibition, QuickSilver and realize that firms prevails Bayliner herein. To the center of the exhibition is arranged a long pier, along which on one side is either craft QuickSilver or ambarcaţuiuni Bayliner.Sign that they are the most popular models of 2013.

Luxury and elegance

Center exhibition area has an impressive arrangement as owning luxury yachts Stylish. A wooden pier you go up to their height, where you can admire and comfort offered by each boat test basis. Of course, I did not miss this opportunity, and we walked through Expos yachts to see new details and especially materials that are built interiors. True, many boats QuickSilver caught our attention. Experts sleek leather sofas interior, steering wheel covered with materials such as leather or wood in different shades.

Jewels, from which we abstained hard not to tread on board each boat to test them thoroughly. But promoitem to do next time to come up with impressions and detailed. There were far no exposed Bayliner boats! Attractive designs with Mercury engines! The only problem, most of these boats were covered to protect from dust and dirt. That's because in the early morning, visitors flocked SAA does not appear, and producing forms representatives preferred to find craft only to increase the number of tourists to be seen in all their glory. So if you want to feel the world of yachting lifestyle, visit the exhibition. Who knows what type of boat you go home at super discount ...

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