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Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior III visited Croatia from the July 15 to July 23 and was opened to the public in four Croatian harbors: Split, Zadar, Rijeka and Pula. This ship is a third of the same name in Greenpeace fleet, named by the original ship Rainbow Warrior I that was mined and sunk in 1985 by a group of six saboteurs in the port of Auckland in New Zealand.


France has sent agents to prevent the action of Greenpeace who had planned to illegally observe and measure the effects of nuclear tests of the French army in the South Pacific atoll Mururoa. Previously, Greenpeace’s activists evacuated 300 residents of the Marshall Islands who have suffered health effects from explosions of nuclear bombs in French Polynesia, and the whole story began to apply greater political damage for France. The ship was destroyed by two bombs on the 10 of July, 1985. During that died photographer Fernando Pereira from Portugal. France was forced to suspend nuclear tests next 10 years.


The Rainbow Warrior II went into well-deserved retirement after 22 years.

The mission of the current Rainbow Warrior is the fight against climate change, promoting renewable energy and sustainable development. During its staying in Croatia was visited by a number of Croatian investors, local leaders, MEPs, experts and civil society representatives. The ship could also visit citizens and journalists according to schedule.


Rainbow Warrior in the Adriatic served as a link between investors, professionals, local authorities and non-governmental organizations to implement practical solutions to the problem of climate change. The focus of the visit is on solutions, particularly in the application of solar energy and wind energy. These technologies increase employment, develop the local economy and reduce dependence on imported energy.

Rainbow Warrior III was specially designed and built for Greenpeace. Ecological sensitivity is one of the guiding principles. Electric propulsion system (7 knots, only 300 kW) and the highest environmental standards for all engines (IMO Tier-II) as well as the purification of exhaust gases, reducing emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter, biological treatment of waste water and "gray water" – work by Eco principles.

Rainbow Warrior III is a mega-yachts with 60 feet in length, worth 17.5 million Euros. The ship is traveling throughout the year. Before Croatia, the ship visited Italy, Spain, Greece, and Slovenia is next in line. Permanent crew changes every three months, and during visit to each country, Rainbow Warrior III has a new, local volunteers who speak the language and understand local problems. In every country, Greenpeace chooses local stories. In Croatia, there is a problem of lack of solar energy.

Croatia is a country that annually has approximately 2,700 hours of sunshine. However, regardless of the potential of renewable energy sources, is at the very end of the list of countries that exploit such opportunities. Exploiting solar energy is almost ten times lower than in Slovenia, which has less sun, and twenty times less than in Slovakia. Trends in investment in renewable energy are on the rise. Greenpeace Croatia has launched a petition intended for the Croatian government to remove administrative barriers to invest in renewable energy.



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