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Yachts market seems to flourish from day to day! Despite the financial crisis, million yacht shipyards are produced annually worldwide. The result: impressive collection of luxury yachts have become international maritime trade market at reasonable prices. Prices that attract a strong segment of buyers as price quality ratio is far above expectations even "treasure hunters" in the field! From luxury yachts to small and very large yachts, the market offers many tempting offers. We have analyzed in detail and taking into account value for money, we have chosen some of the most attractive models made in different parts of the world.

Talk about Dutch yacht, American, Italian or Spanish, all with attractive design and specifications adapted from construction year! How piaţadin Romania is very tender and billionaires budget is not up, perhaps at the level of international market, we have turned to the latest models of luxury yachts, luxury yachts but the realized and brought to market from 2000 to present! Reason and prices are lower. But talk about yachts new flawless and impressive!

From 500 thousand to four million dollars

Offers are subject to budget! Lowest prices for new luxury yachts for sale seregăsesc out between two and four million dollars! Although at first glance the prices seem high compared to reputation and quality manufacturing companies listed, we can say that the models are "best buy". Talk about models Trilogy in 2000 (from Tempest Marine - € 595,000), Sea Raider in 2002 (from Sunseeker - € 2.5 million), Sea Breeze 2005 (from Kaiserwerft - € 2.9 million), Viking Legacy of 2005 (from Farocean Marine - € 2.7 million), 2B in 2009 (from Jade Yachts Inc. - € 4.5 million), VK_1 in 2009 (from Vulkan Shipyard, Spain - € 4.5 million).
And these are just some of the offerings brought international craft market leading manufacturing companies.

From five to ten million dollars

And the size of the budget, the offers and luxury yachts are more tempting. Models demanding quality, cutting-edge high tech tehnolohie and styles depending on the tastes of potential owners. Not the other, but the range widens and products even come from every corner of the world. We offer from Italian manufacturing companies, which are renowned for their stylish design and elegant appearance of fine Spanish "hot" and bold, but also Americans who go from one extreme to the other: classic - modern. Some of the models are attractive Tania T of 202 (from Mondo Marine - € 7.9 million), Maestro 2009 (from Mondo Marine € 8.8 million), Les Mangusta in 2007 (from Overmarine - € 6.5 million) or Whispering Angel 2008 (International Shipyard in Ancona - ISA Yachts - € 7.9 million).

As proposals and models, and we've prepared a surprise! Devote their fans a special category in which all models are listed yachts with all the necessary specifications specialists and more! Moreover, everyone enjoys a photo Calera, because fans can be îndeletnicii with every detail of the craft. So enjoy the pictures and details of the latest models of yachts and controversial Nautica Magazine!


Published in: aprilie 2013
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