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Rainbow Warrior III – a creditable ship

Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior III visited Croatia from the July 15 to July 23 and was opened to the public in four Croatian harbors: Split, Zadar, Rijeka and Pula. This ship is a third of the same name in Greenpeace fleet, named by the original ship Rainbow Warrior I that was mined and sunk in 1985…
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Yachts in Constitution Square (photo)

Agitation large at the opening of "Romanian Boat Show" in 2013! Dozens of boats companies have announced their partnership with this event and the models presented in Constitution Square boasted not only the design, but also recently implemented the latest technology! As expected, the…
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Luxury Yachts on sale (Photo)

Yachts market seems to flourish from day to day! Despite the financial crisis, million yacht shipyards are produced annually worldwide. The result: impressive collection of luxury yachts have become international maritime trade market at reasonable prices. Prices that attract a strong…
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Big boats, small replicas!

The Titanic became tiny, tiny! And not just him, but also two other gigantic boats. An architect with a lot of imagination succeeded to transform the famous Titanic, Eoseas and Oasis of the Seas into small models. The result? A spectacular image of the evolution of shipbuilding, during a century! If…
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