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We finally see some nautical sport competitions in Romania! The Romanian Nautical Club is on a roll! It launched a national campaign to promote sailing. A innovative campaign, locally organized, in a international style, with impressive facilities and tourist attractions. I know it's hard to believe, after such a long time! But it happened! They succeeded to attract hundreds or thousand of people in many points: Danube Delta, schools and sport centers in Techiorghiol.

I'm talking about special places for the audience and nautical activities, that took place the entire summer in the Danube Delta and Techiorghiol Nautical Base. Many sailing enthusiast have knowledge of the lake sailing competitions, but we also learned about theme sport camps and courses for skipper patent. These actions are taking place now and will also take place in autumn and winter!

Popularization through involvement

The idea for this campaign rose last year, but it's impact became visible this summer, when was opened the first nautical recreation center on Techiorghiol Lake. A very pompous opening, where tens of athletes attended, which was heavily advertised in the media. Well, it seems that the nautical spirit rose to the surface! Hundreds of people gathered here to take part in the events organized for them. And that's not all! After this success, possible through the authorities involvement, international organizers became interested. So, this year we are organizing the famous world competition for carp fishing - WorldCarp (between 27-30 September).

Furthermore, the Romanian campaign for sailing and the offers of the Romanian Nautical Club started to attract more young people. So, the entire summer, theme camps for children yacht training, windsurfing, kayak and fishing were fully occupied. Although the Romanian Nautical Club announced last year that the impact of this campaign will be visible in a medium term, the result were satisfying from it's opening.

Sport for people with disabilities

With this campaign in place, people with disabilities won't be left out. The Romanian Nautical Club plans to prepare European facilities for them, to create conditions for social inclusion programs through sport, for disadvantaged people and people with disabilities. This project will be realized with the help of the care and social assistance institutions. Sailing schools will be built, where children and youngsters will be able to learn.

The youngest yacht skipper could be 16 years old. I'm talking about an international professional certificate. For people with disabilities they want to create special facilities for physical recovery and sailing. This project, according to The Romanian Nautical Club, will have a partnership with Romanian recovery sanatorium institutions. This project will be helping people on a personal level, but also will help us as a nation, by advertising sailing and Romanian tourism.


Author: Gina Rotaru

Translated by Ana Maria Andronache

Published in: ianuarie 2013
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