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Are small, compact, easy to carry and extremely durable. Talk about famous RIB boats, adored by most of the fishermen with a beginner or intermediate level experience! RIB boats are recognized as some of the most practical boat for sailing on the water line and the water rafting race fast! Which is due to resistance and how they are made for comfort and safety? I looked for some clues to manufacturers and here is what I found!

For starters, we're talking about highly resistant materials, almost impossible to break a possible buşitură or casualty. Provides safety because the interior is divided in proportion to the air spaces so that the breaking one, the boat can be maintained on the surface as much as possible with other departments. In most case RIB boats are made of materials such as decitex PVC Plastel with 5 layers Multilayer Double Nylon reinforcement. All these materials preţintă exceptional resistance to abrasion, nitrogen or UV rays. In addition, they can keep their characteristics even at temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius.

Cut and weld

Course materials and density layers are chosen depending on the model ambarcaţuinii. Reason all costs differ depending on the model, a small RIB boat dimensions can cost sometimes more than one sizeable number of layers used because they cut. According to the Kolibriboats, before fo Croatia material is scanned to detect and remove impurities I shall. After this procedure is cutting material, which is made with laser cutting machine high precision and technology. The next step is joining them by welding, which is done with equipment PH, whose high frequency current, which allows the material to curl.

Joining parties

Here is the best part, which gives the craft aspect. Joints are made with additional internal and external reinforcement, using polyurethane adhesive base. It is an adhesive made of two parts resistant to UV and salt water, which provides strength and sigurantţă in almost any conditions will be subject to the craft. RIB boats are divided depending on model and air pressure adjustment partitions are constructed in the form of cones, in order to stabilize all rooms inflatable boat.

Thus, the boat keeps a balanced buoyancy and pressure control cones indoor air can be adjusted from the outside. After all this, will detail the layout and clamping system for rowing bars, protective tape around the craft, valves, engine Pavement (welded on balloons) and ... RIB boat ready! Apparently, not complicated, but it requires experience and tools as! Reason, do not you start to build boats RIB home! Lăsaţio this matter for specialists ... for your own safety!

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