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Greenline 33 it's considered the best choice for a couple passionate about sailing, who can invite their friends in unique trips, but also for small families, experienced sailors and even amateurs. G33 is the winner for motor boats, but also for eco-friendly model and for nature care. But what does Greenline 33 promises us?

The concept of Greenline 33 was designed by J&J Design at the end of 2007. After a few studies and a simulation with CFD technology (computerized fluid dynamics), Volkswagen Marine decided to participante in this project at the beginning of 2008, VW Marine wanted to create a new diesel-electric hybrid system. J&J Design, Seaway and VW Marine shared the vision and idea of a new motor boat and succeded to bring a revolutionary model for the public: an environmentally-friendly boat, at an affordable price.

The first prototype, fully functional, was build by Seaway and was tested for nine months for different scenarios. After Greenline 33 passed the tests, in the autumn of 2009 it was exposed in almost all of the nautical salons from Europe. It won several awards so it became "Prom Queen": Croatian Boat of the Year 2010 Award, Swedish Environment Award, Nautical Design Award, PBO Green Award, Motor Boat of the Year Award, Hiswa Powerboat of the Year 2010 Award, European Powerboat of the Year 2010 Award.

"This boat is a place where form follows functionality", Garth Hichens says, the president of Annapolis Yacht Sales, the first Greenline dealer in USA. "It was created to be used for the way people use boats, with all the things the owner needs where he needs", he added.

Designul G33

Yachting enthusiasts claim that Greenline stands out due to its retro-classic lines that immediately get your attention and promise you a true pleasure. Plus, the flexible interior, with excellent visibility, multiple levels of ambiental light and enough space to move comfortably are the main characteristics of the 10 metres boat.

Let's not forget the cabin, it's addapted to the passengers need, the bed can be double or single. The sizes chosen are standard, so it doesn't require additional expenses to change the mattres or decorations in the bedroom. The sofas inside the boat can be transformed into a place to sleep for 3 more persons. The only thing we don't like about this boat other cabin inside.


The kitchen has all it needs: a fridge, freezer, microwave and cooker; that's why cooking on this yacht is a great pleasure. The kitchen designer transformed even the smelly trashcan into a new device: garbage gets in a bag outside the boat, where odor does not bother anyone. The keelson can be removed electronicaly and it gives you the feeling you have more space. It is mainly used for access at the dock or as a swimming platform offshore.

G33 Efficiency

Without being modest, the designers of the boat claim that their mission is to transform the world into a better place, not only for now, but also for generations to come. The boat has three main characteristics that made it "prom queen": the hybrid sailing mode, the solar roof and the lithium battery.

The hybrid G33 model has the ability to use less fuel, generates a low CO2 emissions and is very silent. The 165 hp consumes about 4 litres of fuel at 7 knots, and at a normal sailing speed can reach 700 miles. Even when it uses diesel fuel, the yacht consumes four times less fuel, and pollution levels drops by approximately 75%.

The Nautica Team found out that until now 200 boats have been aquired and are mainly used in the Mediterranean, the lakes and interior rivers of Europe. The price of the boat reaches 159 000 euro.

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Author: Oana Vasiliu

Translated by Ana Maria Andronache

Published in: noiembrie 2012
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