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The biggest ship in the world, Vikramaditya the indian aircraft carrier, costed about five million dollars and it's the modern version of former battle cruiser „Admiral Gorshkov“, built in 1978. The Nautica Team tells you his story.

Vikramaditya has over 283 meters lenght, a draft of 10.2 meters and can reach a speed of 32 knots (59 km/h). The ship begun pre-shippement tests in june, after leaving Sevmah military shipyard, from Severodvinsk, northern Russia. According to Wikipedia, the crew has 2 700 people and the test will last 120 days. All of the ships systems will be tested. It will be delivered to India in december 2012.

How did indians lay hands on such a jewel? And especially how did they convince the russians to modernize the ship? You should know that the first name of the ship was Baku, then Admiral Gorshkov. It was first released in 1987 and was the first and only battleship aircraft carrier in 1143.4 project. "Adevarul" wrote that its first and only patrol expedition in the Mediterranean ended with the loss of an airplane and a helicopter.

Sources from the russian army stated that after the incident the ship stayes in the harbour. Another awful event followed. In 1994 six persons died in a fire at the ships board. The same year India saved the ship and started negotiations to purchase the ship. Vikramaditya was purchased in 2004 for 1 dollar. After long negotiations, Russia committed to modernize the ship for the amount of 974 million dollars, plus 530 million dollars for airplanes and helicopters, which would equip the aircraft carrier.


The first deadline, in 2008, wasn't respected by Russia; moreover the price grew with every year. The builder got a loan at Vnesheconombank to finish the work. In 2009, Russia and India reached a new agreement and increased the contract value to 2.2 million dollars. In 2010 they signed two contracts, first to deliver 29 more aircrafts MiG-29 K for the amount of 1.6 billion dollars, second to deliver Ka-28 and Ka-31 helicopters worth 300 million dollars. Also Russia agreed to support the construction of a plane simulator in India, for indian navy. According to "Vedomosti" the expenses to modernize Vikramaditya and all the related contacts, reached five billion dollars.

You should also know that Admiral Gorshkov was designed tottaly different from other classic western aircraft carriers. First, it was a base for airplanes with vertical takeoff Yak-38, this is the reason why the ship didn't have a continuous deck, from fore to aft. The ship had a strong rocket system, unusual for a clasic aircraft, whose main weapons are planes.

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Translated by Ana Maria Andronache

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