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He gave the sun and the madness began! Romanian hundred boats have brought to light! And after a thorough dressing them came among trip. Some have chosen lakes near Bucharest, others have ventured Delta and some more daring, took to the Black Sea! However, there are still crave seafarers ... Reason we have turned our attention to the light craft manufacturers, fiberglass, durable and easy to maintain!

This is why the market in Romania is assaulted by offers fiberglass boats, known by most Romanians as pleasure craft! They are known for quality cuperioară, the material is actually a fiberglass reinforced polyester, which provides a lightweight and highly resistant to harsh weather conditions. Prices fiberglass boats start at about 600 euros (the cheapest model) and can easily exceed thousands of dollars, depending on model, size, amenities and facilities.

Dealers and manufacturing companies

Even if the craft market in Romania is small, offers the fiberglass boats are numerous. There are some Romanian producers and dealers cnstruiesc and markets fiberglass boats quality at pretty reasonable prices. Among the most famous market in Romania are Fibronav.SRL, AmericanNautics, Cyrus Plast Plast Faber and, Fair Play. Besides these, the Romanian market we craft companies selling glass boats firbră Plast Faber, Pato, Ovidiu Prod, Kora Sails, West Co. Impex etc.

If you putty to make a custom fiberglass boat can opt for engines with certain features, which can be found at authorized dealers. Some of them are found in the above list. Also, most of the Romanian producer of fiberglass boats and the model supports customizing the craft. Thus, depending on size, you can opt for a room or two, an outdoor couch or pedals (if pedalos) in a given material. It is not difficult! All depends on the budget you have customized boat as always cost more than a standard boat.

Published in: aprilie 2013
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