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A foray with the skijet at full speed ... Who would not be tempted by such an experience! And if you do not have barriers îndrădit narrow lakes, then you feel free even to the bone! So we headed out to the Black Sea! Large, spacious and designed water toy enthusiasts who do show after show on the Romanian seaside tourists! What do you say, we make a turn?

Choose your skijet! But, above all, to prepare luggage and budget for fun nautical seems to be very cheap Romanian seaside! Prices displayed skijet rental centers are quite steep and distraţia can take you to the best million, within a few minutes! Skijet sign of adrenaline on the Black Sea has become a luxury that few can afford passionate. What to do in such situations and how you can enjoy a round economic skijet the Black Sea?

Buy or Rent

If you are really passionate and you recoil in sport as mealtimes, when clearly it is the purchase of a skijet! Even if selling prices are not the average wage, you can gather and enjoy a lasting purchase. Skijet the market price of Romania Poiata start at 1,500 euros (second-hand) and can exceed $ 10,000. It's all about the brand and horsepower skijetului staying in "the hood". Even if at first you may seem too big an investment as a calculation on the skijet trip and how you pay your rent on his might to get a big advantage. I say that because renting a skijet specialized centers on the Romanian coast you about empty pockets.

Here calculations are based on the time you want to spend at sea. Thus, in 2012 prices from £ 80-100 and exceeded £ 400 for 10 minutes or an hour at sea. More specifically, 10 minutes previous year = 100 lei, 30 minutes = 200 lei and 350 lei = 60 minutes. However, if you choose to rent a skijet at one of the hotels located on the beach (some proposals, Hotel Rex), prices can be higher with £ 50 depending on horsepower enjoyed skijet model.

Economy in two

If you can not afford any of bvariantele above, there is another solution, but this requires navigation license. You can do one half of preţuş friends that are on vacation, but one of you must have a permit if skijet navigation is more than 7 meters, and its engine power greater than 20 hp. Thus, for a excapadă offshore for 60 minutes, you'll be out of pocket by 50% less. The only problem: there seaside skijeturi find that does not require a permit navigation. So, either you have one, your friend, or you can go out to sea with an instructor from the center of rental ski jets. Which, by the way, is with extra cost ...


Published in: aprilie 2013
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