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Adrenaline on skijet ... at romanian price

A foray with the skijet at full speed ... Who would not be tempted by such an experience! And if you do not have barriers îndrădit narrow lakes, then you feel free even to the bone! So we headed out to the Black Sea! Large, spacious and designed water toy enthusiasts who do show after show on…
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Fiberglass boats - producer

He gave the sun and the madness began! Romanian hundred boats have brought to light! And after a thorough dressing them came among trip. Some have chosen lakes near Bucharest, others have ventured Delta and some more daring, took to the Black Sea! However, there are still crave seafarers ... Reason…
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Russians have made the biggest ship in the world

The biggest ship in the world, Vikramaditya the indian aircraft carrier, costed about five million dollars and it's the modern version of former battle cruiser „Admiral Gorshkov“, built in 1978. The Nautica Team tells you his story. Vikramaditya has over 283 meters lenght, a draft of…
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The secrets of Viking ships

The Vikings were Scandinavian merchants and warriors renowned for their bravery and cruelty in battles. They used to buy from all over Europe and the Far East of Central Asia, precious materials and goods such as silver, jewelry, silk, glass and wine and traded in tin, wheat, wool, wood, iron, fish…
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